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About Me

I am a portrait, wedding, event, commercial, street, and fine art photographer serving Southern New England and based in Newport, RI.  My goal is to make truly special and memorable photos from ordinary and extraordinary moments in time. As should be the case, the ordinary moments should appear and feel extraordinary once on screen or in print.

I will make images that will capture the essence of you, your family, or event in the most natural manner, whether in action or "posing".  To do this, I will work with you in a personal and relaxed manner and talk about your vision - What emotions do you want to capture? Do you want a theme to the images? Do you want to stage the session so as to create a certain visual impression? Or do you want to capture you or your group in action and as naturally as possible?

If you have specific ideas, I will work with you to bring these ideas to fruition.  If you don't know exactly what you are going for or what approach will work best, I am more than happy to be creative with you in order to come up with something special - and we'll have fun doing it!  

If you are seeking an object photo session - food, real estate, architecture, product, etc. , I will make striking, artistic renditions that you will be proud to display in your marketing materials.

As you will see on my services and pricing page, my base rates are reasonable and I will consult with you to create a package of services and products based on need and budget.

Thanks for visiting my site and please contact me if you would like to learn more about what I can do for you!